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Rum Tasting Tour


When we age rum, some of it naturally evaporates from the barrel. This is called the "angel’s share". What the angels didn't get can be yours when you book the best and most exclusive rum tasting experience in the Caribbean. A unique opportunity to sip and enjoy all of our rums, from the cult-classic Three Stars to the extremely limited-edition Five Stars. In the aged spirits world, the “angel’s share” is known as the small percentage of alcohol that evaporates inside a barrel as it ages. What the angels don’t take, it’s for all of us to enjoy! To celebrate, we’re sparing no expense in this tasting experience. You’ll get to taste it all. From the fruit notes of Dos Estrellas to our cult-classic Tres Estrellas. You’ll also sip Ron del Barrilito Cuatro Estrellas, a new blend available exclusively at Hacienda Santa Ana, and of course, the crown jewel: Cinco Estrellas. There’s no better opportunity to taste all of these world-class rums in a single tasting.

  •  Admission ticket

  • Professional certified tour guide

  • Heritage Tour 

  • Complimentary cocktail at the bar.


  • Transportation provided by request and extra fees.

  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
  • ID required (18 years is the legal drinking age in Puerto Rico).
  • Pregnant women cannot participate

X2 Minimum people

1 hour

$105 P/P

Including taxes and fees

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