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Afro-Puerto Rican Dance Lesson


If you're truly trying to get an indepth knowledge of Puerto Rican history and culture, then this tour is absolutely for you. A unique dance class introducing guests to Bomba, a historical and traditional Afro-Puerto Rican dance and drum that originated on the island back in 1797, and introduced to us by our African Ancestors. Today Bomba is still practice all across the Island and we would like to invite you to join us in our private Bomba lesson, a true authentic and cultural experience. You will learn how to dance, sing and play the drums (tambor). You’ll be using the movements of your body to create the beats for the Bomba players, the original sounds of the island of Boriken, now known as Puerto Rico.

  • Percussion demonstration

  • Bomba Dance Teacher

  • 5 native dance styles and rhythms

  • Comfortable clothes.

  • Transportation provided by request and extra fees.

  • Water and snacks.


  • Ages: All family members welcome. 

  • Children of 7 years or younger are free.


X3 Minimum people

1.5 hrs

$88 P/P

Including taxes and fees

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